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thursday things

1. Last Thursday I went to the Jimmy Kimmel Live! taping with a friend and it was so much fun. Getting to see the behind the scenes action and see how these shows work. They have a comedian that comes out before the show and during the commercial breaks and apparently he’s been working with Jimmy for forever. My favorite moment was definitely his schtick where he asked if anyone was from Sweden (which of course I raised my hand for) but then he went back and forth with this guy who definitely was in on the act because he had bagpipes with him.. which aren’t even Swedish. So fast forward to a commercial break interlude and I actually got to speak Swedish and be like I’M ACTUALLY FROM SWEDEN. I was happy.

2. I know that these lists tend to repeat over time but I love any list of things that make you smile.

3. “Fall” is coming to LA – it’s only in the low 70s for the first time in forever and that makes me happy. Not as happy as real fall, but close.

4. This marble table DIY is really cool – maybe for a future apartment?

5. 9 things no one tells you about growing up, in honor of my 25th birthday on Monday (!)

6. On Sunday, I participated in the AIDS walk with about 25,000 other people. We walked 6.2 miles around LA and it was so cool, actually getting to walk around the city on the closed off streets and actually getting to see all the stores in the area. When driving, you miss out on a lot of it.

7. I need to sign up for the 4th annual Food Blogger cookie swap and figure out what I’m going to make!!

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