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1. Happy New Year! I took a break from Thursday Things while I went home, worked, and reveled in the end of the year. Now that it’s 2015 (still think it’s crazy that it’s 2015..)

2. I’ve celebrated the new year by going on 3 hikes (one of my favorite parts of LA) in 4 days. Definitely something I’d like to keep up. Keep weekends for longer, nicer hikes out in the Pacific Palisades but with Runyon only 10 minutes away, that might replace some of my gym workouts.

3. I really liked the Into the Woods movie, which was great considering I was in the musical twice as the Baker’s Wife. And I loved reading this article with the original cast of the musical recalling backstage memories.

4. Frozen is still going around like crazy. The kids I nanny haven’t listened to it in awhile, so I’m definitely ready to watch it again! Especially after the Once Upon a Time story arc. I especially love how much this puppy loves Frozen.

5. I so want to find this and eat here.

6. I’m excited to go to Lake Tahoe in February! We booked a cabin over the holidays and I’m excited to explore another part of the country I haven’t seen before.

7. I am in LOVE with my Day Designer by Whitney English. It’s already affecting my day to day to do list and helping me map out what I’d like to be doing more long term. I celebrated by getting colored pens and various post-it-notes to add to the designer and I’m in organizational heaven.

8. I am still obsessed with Taylor Swift’s 1989. I don’t want to know how many times that album has played on repeat.

9. With most shows having a winter hiatus, I was able to catch up on a few. Finished Homeland and I’m already excited for next season. I love that Quinn had some episodes more focused on him. I started The Librarians which I’ve been liking. I’m bummed that Noah Wyle (Flynn) isn’t in more episodes since he was the one character I was really drawn to in the first two episodes, but when he comes back every couple of episodes, I’m definitely happier. I caught up on Downton Abbey and am watching Season 5 as they air. So good! How do I get on that show?

10. Have a good weekend!

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