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1. Greetings from beeeeeeeautiful Westport, MA!

2. I’ve been having the most wonderful weekend with family up in Westport. What’s even better is that there’s barely any cell service or internet, unless you’re home and connected to the wifi, so it’s been a nice time away from my phone.

3. I’ve had this link sitting in a random blog post draft for months now, and it still makes me laugh. Texts only people from Los Angeles would send. Like the Obama traffic. That used to be plastered all over the boards at work warning us to plan ahead. And the parking. Oooooh the parking. And also #1-18..

4. This woman is AWESOME. That dance routine is crazy and she’s incredible.

5. Anyone want to road trip across the country and sample burgers?

6. My aunt, grandma, and I had fun checking this out and seeing what our names would have been in other eras. Let’s just say there were some funny ones!

7. It’s the little things in life.

8. The last little paragraph killed me. Dying neurosurgeons message to daughter.

9. I leave for Sweden in a week and a half and I’m so excited to see family and friends!

10. Oh, and a couple of us went to go look at some of the mansions in Newport RI and I’m ready to move in. Tomorrow.

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