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thursday things

1. My phone is filled with pictures from all the hikes I’ve been on over the past few weeks. Like, think 2-10 pictures per each hike (and I’ve been hiking 2-5 times a week). Not that I’m complaining because I absolutely loooove hiking.

2. GUYS I’M SO EXCITED! Me and 8 of my girlfriends are going to Lake Tahoe next weekend and I am SO excited. I bought winter boots since I’ll need them next winter anyway, but I’m excited for skiing, hot chocolate, and just good friend time 🙂

3. I’d like to try this 30 day Minimalism challenge. Anyone with me?

4. I’ve been watching The Last 5 Years trailer nonstop. SO EXCITED.

5. I saw this recipe for Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream and fell in love.

6. I just started Big Little Lies for my book club and promptly read 1/3 of the book. Loving it!

7. So happy Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and How to Get Away with Murder are back! I love my TGITs!

8. Speaking of TV, I’ve been watching The Bachelor and oh dear. Some of the girls are great but some of the other girls I want to sit down, scold, and tell them to shut up. Sorry Ashley I, but seriously? You don’t look like you would ever last on a farm. Sorry. I watched this past week’s episode this morning and can’t handle it sometimes.

9. Have a good weekend everyone!

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