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thursday things

1. How cute is Molly? I miss her. Being home for 5 days and cuddling with her for all 5 of them made me so incredibly happy. She’s the best.

2. These tilt shift pictures of cities are SO cool. They make them look tiny and toy-like and adorable and I love the ones of Stockholm. Duh.

3. I love seeing these iPhone trick lists. I usually know most of them but I end up learning about one or two more new things. Especially about Siri because I didn’t have her on my old phone. Oh, and the draft thing. That has revolutionized the way I use the mail on my phone. No joke.

4. This past weekend was girl’s weekend in Vegas and it was a lot of fun except for burning my neck with a curling iron. Any recommendations for burn creams so that it doesn’t leave too bad of a scar?

5. I am HUGE on sunscreen and this video about what the sun actually does to your skin is terrifying. Long live sunscreen.

6. Don’t we all just want to be happy in life? Good to know.

7. THIS IS SO TRUE. Omg. Coming from someone who works in a restaurant, don’t be one of these people. I immediately shared this with my restaurant friends.

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