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thursday things

1. Those pancakes are “Mounds of Pleasure” from The Griddle Cafe. I have never in my life seen pancakes so large. I wish I had also taken a picture of the baked potato omelet that we split as well.. I can honestly say, other than Thanksgiving, I have never eaten more in one sitting than I did this past Friday. We ate around 11 or so, and then I was honestly full until about 5 when I was just sort of hungry. That NEVER happens for me. Sara: 0. Griddle Cafe: 1.

2. I want to stay in all of these hotels. Especially 1, 3, 6, 13, 14 (duh), 17.

3. The fun thing about people visiting is that you either get to do (and eat) all the things you love, or you get to check out new things. Like the Watts Towers, the Getty Center, and the Getty Villa. I loved the Getty museums – especially the Getty Center with their Impressionist paintings (Monet is my favorite) on display.

4. I’m thankfully not a server right now, but these 23 things that all servers will understand? So funny and pretty accurate.

5. North Jersey for life.

6. How adorable are these pie crust cookies? I definitely want to try something like these!

7. Hungry Girl Problems. Ugh I just LOVE food.

8. I’ve always wanted to try spun sugar and this how to (and pictures) is beautiful!

9. I am so excited for this Glazed Donut Bistro to open this weekend. SO PUMPED.

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