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thursday things

1. The past few days with Ellen here have been awesome. We have done SO much: watched the sunset, walked around Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, drove around Bel Air, hiked beyond the Hollywood Sign, hiked through the Pacific Palisades. We have eaten delicious nachos, cupcakes (salty caramel and triple cinnamon from Sprinkles), and cronuts. And the best part? We still have a few days left!

2. I didn’t get to watch the Super Bowl this year because I got called in to work, but after watching all the commercials here, I realized that the ones I liked I already wrote about last week.

3. How is it already February? It feels unreal. In 4 days I will be hitting my 1 year anniversary in LA. I think that calls for cake.

4. How delicious do these fudgy dark chocolate cupcakes look? Best (or worst) part? They only make two!

5. My favorite blogger, Jessica from How Sweet It Is, wrote this amazing post yesterday on finding inspiration. It was SUCH a good read and I recommend it for everyone.

6. I haven’t been keeping up with this season of the Bachelor (though to be honest, when have I ever watched a full season?) but reading this Betches Love This article after watching this weeks episode.. I died. SO funny.

7. The internet is exploding with Valentine’s themed treats and decorations and all sorts of things to do. Which is great and all but I don’t know yet if/when I’m working that weekend. I figure worst case, I make some heart shaped brownies and then eat them all? I wouldn’t be opposed.

8. I had an audition yesterday for a national commercial that was a lot of fun! It’s nice getting out there.

9. I realized how far behind I’m getting on certain shows, mostly because I forgot to check when they all started again. Whoops! I blame Homeland too, because I’ve been watching that almost exclusively. I have half of season 3 left, and then I’m all caught up.

10. Excited for a few more days with Ellen! Have a good weekend everyone!

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