living the sweet life

thursday things

1. I love how crazy the sky gets here sometimes.

2. I love anything that will make me laugh.

3. The song “What Does the Fox Say?” is ridiculously silly and apparently Sesame Street has a Vine account? Combine the two together and you get this.

4. These dad jokes are pretty funny. Reminds me of my dad’s good-but-bad jokes.

5. I wish I had leftover pumpkin pie for this milkshake. How incredibly does it look?

6. Tomorrow is going to be a great day. Going on set of a show that I’m loving right now and then I have an audition.

7. I’m already on season 4 of Mad Men and I’m really liking the show. I’m also a fan of the shorter seasons.

8. I go home to NJ in two weeks and I am SO excited!

9. And one last link – this girl talking to 911 is adorable.

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