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thursday things

1. MY MOM IS HERE MY MOM IS HERE! Can you tell I’m excited? We had a lovely lunch at In n Out (yum) and we already made a list of how we’re going to organize my room.

2. I loved reading this article and pin pointing all the logos I could recognize. The one for facebook? So much truth. Hell, I like all of them.

3. Trader Joe’s is definitely my favorite grocery store (see here and here) so reading this article, it’s nice to feel other people loving TJ.

4. Watching this compilation of some awesome Vines is a great way to spend nearly 12 minutes.

5. I love reading about the success of other Wes grads. Check out the episode shown here in the article too!

6. And in honor of throwback Thursday, here is what a typical day for a high schooler was in 2005. An odd amount of truth here.

7. I went on a tour of the Paramount lot recently and oh my god it was so much fun! Holding that replica Oscar was so great and I didn’t want to let go.

8. I wrote about my surprise visit for Ryan’s birthday here. Definitely a highlight of my week 🙂

Have a great weekend!!


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