living the sweet life

thursday things

1. Sprinkles make everything better, especially when they cover a delicious chocolate cake donut with a chocolate glaze. Yum.

2. Reading this article on the audition process as told in gif form made me die. So much truth for life as an actor. I’ve had 2 commercial auditions the past week which is super exciting though!

3. This vine video is funny and so weird. And this vine? Kids are so cute and fun to watch.

4. With the amount of text messages or phone calls I receive sometimes from strangers, I thought this little story was pretty cool.

5. I love Jennifer Lawrence. Not sure there’s more to say. Can we be friends??

6. I love minions!! These cookies are super cute.

7. These rules of the internet are pretty spot on.

8. I’m so excited – I’m dogsitting my friend’s little puppy this weekend! It makes me miss my Molly but I’m excited to have some dog time when I’m not working.

9. Have a great weekend!

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