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thursday things

1. I apologize for the lack of sunset picture this week (because apparently 3 weeks in a row I was just loving those west coast sunsets), but this ‘ghetto s’more’ is more than worthy. Graham cracker, Cadbury dark chocolate, a fleur de sel caramel, and marshmallow fluff. OMG.

2. It’s National Day in Sweden today! Happy birthday Sweden <3 I need to figure out a way to celebrate with baked goods..

3. OMG Game of Thrones. I am personally LOVING all of these fan reactions on twitter, tumblr, facebook.. I mean, I was right there with them, but after the fact it’s really funny to witness.

4. In a not sad Game of Thrones way, this link about the men of Game of Thrones? Pretty fun though not as good as the one I found about the women from last week. And this article comparing the characters to their dog counterparts.. I died. I can’t even pick my favorite.

5. The Tony Awards are this Sunday and I am SO EXCITED. Going to watch them with my friend Dylan! She had directed me in The Last 5 Years so I’m excited to theater-geek out with her.

6. Whoa. I love planes.

7. I’m trying to gather up the courage to create my own cookie recipe – or at least severely adapt another recipe to make it my own, so I’ve been reading up on recipe development. This was a fun read about important parts of cookies.


9. Have a good weekend 🙂

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