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thursday things

1. This past Friday I went to Venice Beach for an hour just to sit on the sand, eat some ice cream, and go over my lines for my short film shoot on Saturday. It was wonderful. Beautiful beach, delicious ice cream, crazy boardwalk area that I generally avoided. Great way to spend an hour kicking off my weekend.

2. My friend Alicia sent me this link and I died. I think my favorites are the demon bunnies, the Despicable Me cake, and whatever that Turkey cake is. So crazy.

3. This buzzfeed article is also adorable. 27 couples who have made it together for years. It definitely brought a smile to my face.

4. I have been watching Game of Thrones almost non-stop the past few days. The discovery of having HBO Go and HBO On Demand have been wonderful. But, the problem is that the episodes are an hour long and then before I know it, a few hours have gone by and all I’ve done is sit on the couch, pretending to do work on my computer. Oh, and speaking of TV. All the season finales? Depressing. I watched the How I Met Your Mother episode and when they revealed the mother (spoiler alert) I was like I SAW YOU ON BROADWAY! Anyway. Can it be fall again?

5. Oh and as a 23 year old living on her own for the first time that’s not college or study abroad, this article was enlightening and I’ll definitely be referencing it again. Like the can opener trick? I definitely had to open like 3 of those package-types in the past month and struggled so much. Now? Never again! Oh and #10 is so true. I’ll also take advantage of #12 when I have a sore throat. and #18 is crafty enough that I could get away with it. It’ll make me feel like I’m in college again. Maybe. And #35 is pretty genius too.

6. Sorry, final buzzfeed article, but 18 ways to use sangria? SO happening this summer.

7. Also, back to point #1 – Venice Beach. On the sidewalk where I parked my car leading up to the beach area, there were all sorts of spray painted sayings on the sidewalk and they were awesome. I just wanted to be like, I’m not perfect but thank you for thinking that I am.

8. I mentioned this earlier, but I was cast in a short film that filmed this past weekend and it was such an incredible and wonderful experience. Such a great cast, great script, great time. SO thankful to have been a part of that. I’ll let you all know when there are any updates.

9. Oh, and I made raspberry muffins today. OMG. I ate 4 already. Needless to say, I’m sharing them with you tomorrow instead of the chocolate covered caramels (though don’t worry, those are coming next week instead). SO GOOD.

10. This website is hysterical. Check it out.

11. And this looks delicious and so does this. Dinner ideas!

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