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favorite things friday

A new addition to my blog – a weekly post with my favorite things of that week. Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE making lists. They’re a staple in my life.

1. Fireworks. There’s nothing better about the Fourth of July then fireworks. Though, this year, things were different. I had work, there were no cheeseburgers, and there wasn’t a grand finale to the fireworks. It was blasphemous. Oh, and I got covered in firework debris. But it was still fun.

2. I made these lemon limoncello cupcakes – blog post will be coming soon. Oh my god were they good. My friends demolished them, saying that they “love cupcake wednesday”.

3. That isn’t actually a real thing, I’ve just happened to make cupcakes on Wednesdays to share with friends. It might become a thing though.

4. I want her closet. She has such cute outfits posted all the time and it’s not fair. And that dress is really cute too.

5. I want these. Breakfast nachos? Sign me up.

6. Oh, and working at a bakery? It’s magical.

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