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thursday things

1. Saturday I made cookie dough cupcakes with cow and pig fondant toppers for a friend’s birthday. It was SO much fun. I’ve never decorated with fondant before and it was so easy to make my own from scratch. The only hard part was kneading the fondant but it came out SO well.

2. I also have attempted to cook more. I made one pot pasta (which I talked about last week) and I also made butternut squash soup which is SO going to make an appearance in my dinner rotation. Probably next week.

3. My friend Chris and I visited my friend/his girlfriend at work on Monday. She’s a bartender and we got to taste some delicious drinks – apple pie moonshine, a “sex with an alligator” shot, and some Newcastle. Yum!

4. Let’s just all move to Sweden and travel. Please.

5. Babies and big dogs. Adorable.

6. Yesterday was a big pumpkin day in the kitchen for me so I apologize in advance. Sort of.

7. Less than a month until I go home for Christmas! sooooo excited.

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