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thursday things

1. So despite the fact that it’s October and officially FALL, LA apparently hasn’t gotten the memo since today was 97 degrees and it’s going to be in the high 90s all weekend. WHY. I want to be one of these dogs. Now that looks like a fun pool party!

2. I can’t imagine ever spending $23,000 on a plane ticket but this was really cool to see and read.

3. Given my previous work in prisons and my desire to keep doing more, this article “I Just Freed a Man from Death Row…” hit home.

4. I love this — Eating: A Manifesto.

5. Last weekend a few friends and I went to Palm Springs. While the desert and the pools were nice, my absolute favorite thing was the gondola ride up the mountain and walking around the state park. It’s so cool. You go from 95 degree F desert to 45 degree F pine tree state forest 8500 feet up. I actually hugged a tree. I was so happy.

6. I know this isn’t brand new, but I love this video of If guy best friends acted like girl best friends.

7. This is my kind of map.

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