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thursday things

1. Biking along the beach is awesome. I don’t know why it’s taken me a year to do that, but on Monday Ryan and I rented bikes and biked from Venice Beach up to Will Rogers and back down. So nice.

2. Speaking of beaches, how cool is this beach art? I wish I knew about it back in my lake lifeguard days where I would have to rake the beach every morning before we opened for the day.

3. I AM SO EXCITED. I cannot wait to see this movie. The Last 5 Years is my favorite show of all time. I hope this does the story and the music justice, and I think it will. Don’t prove me wrong Anna and Jeremy..

4. I finally made it to the donut bistro and it did not disappoint. Oh my god.. Donuts were delicious, fresh, and the service was so nice. Everyone was friendly, attentive, knowledgeable, and really nice. I tried the blueberry lemon, the peanut butter cup, and the s’more donut. As I was leaving they brought out the bourbon pecan one and I almost got that one too.

5. The movie Anastasia is the best. I used to have a crush on the guy. Yes, I had crushes on animated characters.

6. These toasted marshmallow and salted caramel cookie bars look AMAZING. Definitely on my list.

7. I’ve also never made lava cakes before but these red velvet ones look incredible. Think I need to finally invest in some ramekins!

8. What do you all think about me starting a review of various sweets places, like donut shops, cupcake stores, bakeries, etc? Obviously I would be pretty limited geographically but it’s something I’ve thought about for awhile, and a friend brought it up again today. Thoughts?

9. Have a good weekend!

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