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thursday things

1. I’ve been big into iced coffee this week, making my own with some instant Swedish coffee and filling a large mason jar up with it. Yum.

2. I found this video on Facebook that a bunch of my classmates have been posting and it really makes me miss my school and it’s beauty and it’s people. Thank you, Wesleyan.

3. Another video making it’s round is a video that a dad put together with a 1 second snapshot/video of his son every day for his first year. It’s crazy watching the transformation of a full year in 6 minutes.

4. Those of you who know LA know it’s generally a lonely city. It’s hard to meet people and make friends unless you happen to already know people or befriend the assistant at the agency you end up signing with. That’s why I liked reading this article, that changed finding a guy to finding friends. Interesting take on it.

5. Thank you, musical theater. It’s good to know the 15+ years spent doing musical theater have made me a better person.

6. No thursday things is complete without some adorable animals links. Like this one, about these two adorable kittens that were rescued. It makes me almost want a cat. And then this one, with the dog adopting the cat. So cute.

7. Ew. In other news, I turn 24 in 3 months. Whaaaaat.

8. These healthy no bake cookies look good. They would probably be a good dessert to have after this cheeseburger pizza. Yum.

9. These firefly cookies make me miss the east coast.

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