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Harry Potter’s Chocolate Frogs

I’m a senior in college, and classes end on Tuesday. It’s a terrifying realization. I have two more days of classes and then my college career is nearly over. A few papers, a final performance and then on May 27 I’m basically a real person.

But not yet. These next 2 days are filled with 4 classes (two are 3 hours long), about 6 hours of work at the library, memorizing a monologue, performing said monologue, and a few hours of tech rehearsals. Not to mention the week of finals and senior week. Thank god.

In celebration of my last “Myth Magic and Movies” class that I have this afternoon, I thought I would post about these chocolate frogs I had made for my class. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a class about Harry Potter. It’s the best. We watch all the movies, we read all the books, and we talk about it (in fun or analytic ways) for 3 hours once a week. Best. College. Class. Ever.

In preparation for our epic 6 hour class last week where we were going to watch Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2, I found a chocolate frog mold on Amazon for under $2, ordered it, and bought a few bags of chocolate and 2 jars of marshmallow fluff. I was going to make 32 chocolate frogs.

Yepp, I’m a bit of a nerd.

Everyone in the class loved them – the marshmallow fluff on the inside was a special surprise. I had a few left over, and my friends also agreed that they were amazing. How can you go wrong with chocolate and fluff.

I consider the mold a good investment. Besides, there will never be a bad time for chocolate frogs. Ever.

Look how cute they are! The mold was super easy to use and the detailing it left on the frogs was amazing. It makes me want to invest in a ton of other molds now.


I have a confession. I don’t have an exact recipe for these. It’ll vary from mold to mold, frog to frog. What I can give, is instructions and rough estimates of what I used. So, here goes:
Chocolate Frogs
makes about 32 frogs

Chocolate (~24 oz chocolate chips. Can also use candy bark/melts)
Marshmallow Fluff (~1.5 7oz jars)
Green Food Coloring (Optional; Wilton Green Gel)

Melt chocolate according to directions (See Notes). Spoon about a tablespoon of chocolate into each mold. Take a pastry brush (or a paper towel) and spread the chocolate so that it coats the mold completely. Place in freezer for about 5 minutes or until the chocolate has hardened.

While that hardens, take the marshmallow fluff and green food coloring and mix together until well incorporated.

Take the frogs out of the freezer, spoon a tablespoon of fluff into each mold so that the fluff nearly reaches the surface. Then, take another spoonful of chocolate and spread it so that it covers the fluff/the rest of the frog. Place in freezer until hardened all the way through.

When done, take out of freezer and flip over onto a cookie sheet. Gently tap the the mold until the frogs dislodge. Refrigerate the frogs until ready to serve.

Notes: 1. Because I only had the 1 mold, I melted about 8 tablespoons of chocolate chips at a time so that the chocolate wouldn’t re-harden. Since I wasn’t tempering the chocolate, I’m not sure it would have reheated well. Look at the instructions on the chocolate and adjust from there. I dirtied a lot of bowls, but I didn’t waste any chocolate.

2. The Bakingdom post said she used 1 pound of candy melts and 1 jar of fluff for 24 frogs. Chocolate chips worked just as well for me.3. I’ve never worked with molds/chocolate before, and it was relatively easy. Just don’t rush yourself.

[Adapted from: Bakingdom]

Ribbit, Ribbit.

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