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30 Before 30

30 before 30:

1. Live in Sweden
2. Go Orca whale watching
3. Go on a long road trip [completed April 2015]
4. Bake/Cook through an entire cookbook
5. Write 30 letters/cards for no reason
6. Visit Sea Glass Beach
7. Go wine tasting at a vineyard [completed 10/19/17
8. Hike a mountain
9. Go camping [scheduled August 2018]
10. Take a dance class [completed 2/27/17]
11. Host and cook an entire dinner party
12. Sing on a Broadway Stage
13. Take a solo overnight trip
14. Keep a “Year of Awesome” memory jar
15. Do a yoga challenge
16. Spend a night in a castle
17. Volunteer
18. Visit Monet’s Garden [completed 8/14/17]
19. Drive down the Pacific Coast Highway [completed 3/31/2015]
20. Start keeping a journal (again)
21. Learn how to use my SLR in Manual Mode
22. Go horse-back riding on a sandy beach
23. Learn to drive stick shift
24. Scan and Print photos and create my own tangible albums
25. Start a retirement account [completed 5/9/17]
26. Get a new hairstyle [complete 6/28/17]
27. Read the 100 Best Books
28. See the horses at Chincoteague [completed July 2016]
29. Visit Grand Canyon (and other National Parks) [completed 4/9/2015]
30. See the Northern Lights


Honorable Mentions (and would like to do these as well):
– Pay off Student Loans
 – Remember to send birthday cards
– Stay out late and watch a meteor shower
Buy a website domain, make a site, and learn to code myself
– Explore other parts of Sweden (Malmö, Göteborg, Lund, Gotland, Östersund, Umeå, Kiruna, etc.)
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