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thursday things

1. This week’s post comes to you from Chicago O’Hare airport, at 6am local time, 4am LA time, and 7am final destination time. I managed to “sleep” on the first flight, thanks to melatonin and bedtime blend tea and an eye mask. And ear plugs. And after elbowing the guy next to me that was letting his elbow cross the armrest into my territory.

2. I’m headed to Sarasota for a long weekend to see family, and I’m excited to get off the of west coast for a few days.

3. I love Ina. And she IS our queen.

4. My favorite food blogger had a virtual babyshower (scroll down to the bottom to see the list of dishes) and the theme was trashed up food and I loooooved looking through and seeing what everyone created. Delicious!

5. I have a bone to pick with bagel places. When someone says toasted, they mean TOASTED. Not this slightly warm still super chewy get-stuck-in-your-teeth bagel. I have to start asking for extra extra toasted I guess. But frustrating. I just want a good bagel.

6. I’m in the process of booking my flight home for Christmas and I can’t wait. I miss New Jersey.

7. How could I forget?! I went to Disneyland on Tuesday and it was SO much fun. I’ve never been before and I’ve only been to Disneyworld once when I was 8. The lines were basically nonexistent – wait times were basically just the time to walk from the entrance to the ride itself. The kid friendly rides had longer waits but still.. So fun and definitely a happy place.

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