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thursday things

1. Yes I know it’s Saturday morning and so this thursday things edition is technically two days late but I blame the jet lag. Right? I can do that? I guess not, but what I really blame is being at home for the first time in 10 months and having had such wonderfully busy and social days that I literally haven’t sat down at my computer.

2. One of those such days? I spent the whole day in NYC and instagrammed a ton. Central Park/NYC can be seen here, here, here and here. Oh, and that photo above as well. See? THERE IS SNOW!!!! I also saw Cinderella with my cousin and the musical was amazing. SO good.

3. I know this must be a PR move but it is an awesome one. I wish I was there and had asked for something really big. Must have sucked to be that guy that asked for socks and underwear while everyone around him was getting TVs, tablets, flights, and other expensive things.

4. I admit, I haven’t listened to the documentary yet but the fact that this man has lived in a bunker by himself since Y2K is just wow.

5. Oh Paul Rudd, you’re so clever.

6. We’ve already baked pepparkakor and lussekatter and I plan on making these cookies and champagne cupcakes tomorrow (for a holiday party!)

7. How good does this chocolate cream slab pie look? Or this gingerbread caramel corn? Or this hot chocolate cake with homemade marshmallows? Yum!

8. As of yesterday, I have done Christmas shopping for one person, so today I need to hit the stores hard today. Any one else leave it to the last minute? Part of me waited until I got home because I was worried about fitting the gifts in my little suit case.

9. Merry Christmas everyone!

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