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thursday things

1. Oh my god it rained yesterday and I was so excited. I wore a rain jacket and had to use the windshield wipers on my car! I’ve missed the rain. Hopefully it’s not another 8 months until I see any here in LA.

2. Watching a firefighter rescue and bring a kitten back to life is amazing.

3. I turn 24 in 10 days and reading this article about 32 upsetting facts about the class of 2017 made me feel even older.

4. This popcorn sounds delicious for the cooler nights that are coming (slowly) to LA.

5. This creamy butternut squash pasta and these quesadillas both sound delicious. Dinner ideas!

6. These cookies are terrifying.

7. These bars just look and sound AMAZING. I want to make them now.

8. The amount of pumpkin spice latte drinks and other seasonal beverages I’ve pinned on pinterest is kind of crazy. Even though this recipe only uses regular coffee and not espresso like a real latte, it sounds pretty delicious.

9. I have an audition to film today so I apologize for the potential lack of post this week (though I will try and get one up for tomorrow. I have either pancakes or Swedish cinnamon rolls!)

10. For all of you dog lovers out there, this article about making a perfect day for a dying pet is sure to have you reaching for a box of tissues.

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