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thursday things

1. Ryan visited this weekend and when he’s around, we make some epic breakfasts. Saturday, we made a pack of applewood smoked bacon, eggs fried over easy in the bacon grease, and pancakes from scratch. Oh, and we spread nutella and cookie butter on the warm pancakes. And Sunday? We made another pack of bacon and eggs, but I baked Ryan blueberry muffins using the brown sugar raspberry muffin recipe on my blog, replacing the raspberries with blueberries. Such a good choice. I’m not a big blueberry muffin person but I ate 3-4 of these.

2. This little prank with toothpaste makes for a good laugh.

3. I love these travel tips. I guess I need to make a trip sometime soon so I can use these!

4. Time at the beach is always much needed for some relaxation.

5. I finally got a library card for the LA public library system and promptly checked out 4 books. I just started reading “The American Heiress” by Daisy Goodwin. So far so good! Though between this book and watching Season 3 of Downton Abbey, my dream last night was all sorts of fancy.

6. This time lapse video of the fog in Northern California is gorgeous.

7. I love how this blogger took the Toll House recipe and changed one ingredient to see how cookies can be affected by different ingredients. So cool!

8. Really great article.

9. I love all these tips for ways to avoid having a bad hair day. With long hair, I definitely will be using some of these tips.

10. I’m loving bloglovin right now to read all of my blogs. Makes it easier for me! You can follow my blog on there as well.

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