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thursday things

1. I love frozen yogurt, especially when it’s covered with sprinkles, chocolate, and cookie dough bites. Oh, and when the flavors are chocolate, toasted coconut, and red velvet. Yum.

2. Today is one of my best friend’s from homes 23rd birthday. She’s also kind of like my twin that I don’t have, since we get mixed up a lot between friends and teachers. It’s times like these that I miss being at home. It’s hard to celebrate someone’s birthday from 3000 miles away..

3. I have been thinking of making my brown butter cookies but instead of filling them with caramels, I’d fill them with nutella. Well, after reading this blog post¬†from Cookies and Cups, I most definitely am.

4. I had a long break between shifts the other day, so I walked around the Century City mall and saw these adorable shoes and I kind of want to go back and get them. Only because of how cute they are. Oh, and they were pretty comfy too.

5. Pretty sure I just drooled all over my keyboard. Whoops.

6. These affogato’s also look delicious. I’ve been consuming a little more caffeine than I normally would, mostly because I’ve been working so much. And I’ve been eating more ice cream so really, this is a match made in heaven.

7. Another recipe wish list from How Sweet It is but these stovetop buffalo chicken shells and cheese looks to die for.

8. I had a big audition last Friday that went well. Who knows if I’ll get it but it’s exciting to get the opportunity to go in and work with some great people.

9. Ryan is visiting this weekend and I definitely want to get to the beach. I live 4 miles away from the ocean and I don’t go nearly enough.

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