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thursday things

 1. Fourth of July was spent on the beach and it was absolutely gorgeous. I love spending a full day on the beach with friends.

2. It rained (and by rained, I mean it was drizzling/very light showers) last night in LA and I was so happy I ran up to our roof and stood outside for about 15 minutes, barely getting wet but still.. I miss the rain.

3. If you need a smile or if you need some faith in humanity restored, check this out.
4. A good reminder for anyone who needs some perspective regarding their job.
5. Signs you have a degree in theater. Some of these were wayyyy too true.
6. Some of these are absurd, but after reading this list, I want so many of these things in my future house. (well not really but I can dream)
7. And as I’m in my 20s, it’s nice to read this article about people who struggled a lot and then found success.
8. I guess I’m a millennial.
9. There have been some amazing recipes this past week that I neeeeeed to try. BLT Pizza, Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle Pie, these bowls for ice cream, this ice cream, donuts, this pizza, these s’mores bars, this ice cream too, this lemon granita. I could go on and on.. My stomach is growling as I type this list.
10. Junk food confessions. I honestly wouldn’t even know where to start.

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