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After last week’s loooong list, this weeks is much shorter.

1. Yesterday was National Siblings Day, so shout out to the best brother ever. You’re still a cutie pie and I don’t know what I would do without your phone calls calling to check in on me or going to Taylor Swift concerts together or fighting over whose turn it is to have Molly for the night.

2. This past Thursday I filmed an episode for a cool webseries – I’ll keep you posted on when the episode is available for viewing. During said filming, there was the cutest dog that I could not stop playing with. Definitely going through cute-dog-withdrawal.

3. Speaking of, I miss this face:

4. This has been a long week of work and it’s not over yet. Oy.

5. Truth. Sometimes I miss college, especially that meal plan.. Oh Usdan.

6. I went for a hike with friends to Murphy’s Ranch, and while I had to leave before we got to all the good stuff, we did see some run down buildings. Apparently there are all sorts of run down dilapidated Nazi campground buildings from the 30-40s. Weird.

7. I have looooved my meals this week. For lunch I’ve been having these crispy quinoa sliders of parmesan rosemary mini rolls from Trader Joes with avocado, and for dinner I’ve been having this spinach and artichoke linguine with chicken. SO GOOD.

8. This definitely made my night. I love 3, 4, 22, 35, 38, 39 and 40 especially. Hell, give me any dog doing cute/funny things and I’m sold.

9. Just in under the wire – 11:57pm here on the west coast. Made it!

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