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thursday things

1. Now that I am officially moved into my first LA apartment (!!!!!), the rest of my stuff from NJ will be shipped out soon so I’ll be reunited with my stand mixer, my baking pans, and all that good stuff I’ve been missing! It’ll be cool to finally set up my first apartment.

2. Speaking of setting up, I spent the past 2 days with one of my roommates putting together my bed frame from IKEA. Surprisingly not that difficult. After the first couple of steps when we realized which pieces were what exactly, it went rather quickly. A queen frame with drawers underneath? So nice.


3. My friend Julian and I went to The Melt for lunch after a hike through Runyon Canyon Park. OMG. SO GOOD. It was literally cheesy, delicious, melt in your mouth good. We come from Wesleyan where we have the best grilled cheese at lunch ever and these rivaled those. And, since I’m about 3000 miles away from Wes and no longer a student, I’ll take these ‘replacements’. Oh, and I added bacon to mine? Best decision ever.

4. This is such a cool idea for dyeing eggs. I know there are a lot of natural dye recipes out there, but I love the look of these eggs. Who knows, maybe this Swede will dye some eggs for Easter this year! Also, I did not know until last night that Easter is super soon. Like just over a week soon. Whaaaaat?

5. Also, I just want to eat everything I see online. What can I say, it’s been a delicious week over in food blog world.


6. Speaking of delicious, I had fro-yo last night (Chocolate, Mocha, and Mint Oreo – all piled with sprinkles, cookie dough chunks and hot fudge. Surprised?) and there was the CUTEST little table and chair set for little kids. I almost died.

7. Have you seen this yet? I am SO excited for Despicable Me 2. Maybe that makes me a child, but you know what, the first one is one of my favorite movies ever.

8. Speaking of Despicable Me, I saw this HUGE fluffy sheepdog in Downtown Culver this past weekend and all I could do was scream ITS SO FLUFFY!

9. Truth.

10. Have a great weekend!

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